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Summer Dresses - Pattern Hacks

From a simple dress pattern a number of styles can be made up. New Look pattern 6262 is a favourite of mine and I have about 7 of these dress now, all in different styles, tweaking the pattern a little each time. These are the latest two ready for Summer 2018.

Summer Dress 3 Summer Dress 2 Summer Dress 1

The floral version has a raised neckline to give a boatneck style the blue patterned version has a lowered neckline.


A favourite variation on this pattern for me is to pleat instead of gather the skirt. Matching centres and side seams first, I then fold away the excess fabic into even pleats. Either a single box pleat under each bodice dart (floral dress) or 2-3 smaller pleats outward from each dart (blue patterned version)


You can have plenty of fun with hemlines, I stayed on piste with the floral version going for on the knee which looks fab when teamed with a big petticoat for special occasions. For the blue patterned version I went for a graduated hemline, going up by 7cm at centre front and down by 10cm at centre back, side seams of the skirt matched the original pattern and I just drew nice even curves to make changes.


The floral dress has the standard zip fastening at the back, for the blue patterned version I moved the fastening to the front (take 1.5cm off the centre back and cut it on fold, add 1.5cm to centre front and dont cut on fold) then cut two strips of fabric to create button panels. The picture shows red pins holding it together on the form but I soon bought 10 little white shell buttons which finishes the style perfectly!