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Skinny My Jeans - Tutorial

Jeans can be expensive and when styles change here'a an inexpensive way to stay on trend. You can find loads of bootcut and straight leg jeans in charity shops or even lying around in the back your cupboard. If you find a pair with a great fit but would rather have the skinny leg style then here is an easy way to breath new life into your jeans.

Begin by carfully opening both the outside leg seams of your jeans to just above the knee.


Next carfully unpick the top stitching that runs round the hem of the jeans, do this very carefully leaving the top thread attached as you will reuse this later.

Turn your jeans inside out and turn down the outer edges of the hem.


Pin a new side seam into your jeans, you can either use another pair of skinny jeans to work out the new line, or put your jeans on inside out and pin the legs down size.


Sew along the line of your pins merging into the original side seam just above the knee then trim away the extra fabric.


Sew a zig zag stitch along the raw edge of the fabric. Turn your jeans right sides out and finally use the top stitch thread you carefully unpicked earlier to stitch the hem back into place